Level533 started!

Welcome to my blog.  This is the first post.  My name is Aris Green and I have been a Microsoft Windows developer since 1994.  Here we can talk about all things Microsoft and Windows, but we don’t need to stop there.  I have forced myself to use Linux as a desktop OS at home.  OK, that sounds a little strong;  I just figured I needed to gain some good working knowledge of an OS other than the one that I currently earn my living off of.  This blog uses WordPress and this has helped me gain a practical literacy in LAMP. 

Currently my areas of expertise are in Windows development, from C++ Win32 upto .NET WPF for the forms apps.  I have developed in ASP .NET for the web stuff with a sprinkling of Silverlight and just recently ASP .NET MVC2.  MVC2 is great;  I recommend it for projects small and large.  Thanks to some great blogs out there, I was able to learn faster.

While sharing my own knowledge and learning from all of the comments I get, I also intend to share some of the great spots on the web where I have gained knowledge over the years. 

More to come …

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