Proposed Questions for AZGroups 2011 Scott Guthrie Event

For those of you in the Phoenix, AZ area, check out the upcoming Scott Guthrie event in Chandler coming April 22, 2011. Here is a link with the details:

I am coming up with a list of questions I would like to get answered or get some direction on at this event. I know that I probably will not get definitive answers on all of them, but here goes.

This is for now a preliminary list.

  1. What are the long term plans for Silverlight? Silverlight 5?
  2. For rapid development of rich UX browser based business applications, how does Silverlight fair compared HTML 5 and ASP .NET?
  3. Is there any future enhancements or growth planned for WPF?
  4. Will Moonlight go off in its own direction?
  5. Having programmed both SOAP and REST web services, it seems that REST is a lot easier and more flexible to work with, at lease client side. Is there a reason to keep using SOAP
    for new projects?

  6. It seems like the AlternateContentProperty attribute needs to be set for your custom control object properties to have their visual trees editable in Blend 4. Why is this not the case for the controls like the
    HeaderedContent control in the toolkit assembly?

Feel free to post comments. Maybe you think these are great questions or some just plain stupid ones. I hope to get this list enhanced, better questions, better wording, etc.. I am primary interested in Intranet / Internet application development platforms for PC and mobile devices (e.g. Silverlight and ASP .NET).

After the event, I’ll want to post ANSWERS!!!

Comments welcome.

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