Subversion Revision From Repository For Jenkins Dynamic Parameter

We may just want to get the latest Subversion repository itself rather than for a workspace for a dynamic Jenkins job parameter. Using svnkit is difficult in this case as explained in Get Subversion Revision For Workspace in Jenkins. The following can get used in a Scriptler script for a dynamic parameter to get the latest or HEAD revision:

def pSvn = ("svn info -r HEAD $SvnUrl").execute()
def sout = new StringBuffer()
pSvn.consumeProcessOutput(sout, null)        
def currentTags = sout.toString().trim()
def mt = currentTags =~ /Revision\:\s+(\d+)/
return mt[0][1]

Just define SvnUrl as the only parameter and set its value to the proper repository URL when defining the dynamic parameter.

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