Code Banquet

Here you can grab tender morsels of code for your project. Feel free to graze lightly or feast like a king. This will be an ever growing list of tasty code tidbits organized by language, category, etc. It’s not all about code. We’ll try to come up with some recipes, so that when you do code, you’ll feel like you’re at a banquet.

By all means, feel free to contribute anything. If it looks good, it will be served up at the Code Banquet an you referenced as a contributing chef.


QT 4 Command Line Parser

Use this lightweight class to easily parse a command line in a C++ QT 4 app. Not GPL/LGPL, just the MIT license used for most of the code in this blog. Copy and paste, enjoy.

C# General

Delimiter Switcher

Delimit a list of lines and tokens without worrying about whether or not your on the first or last element that needs to be handed differently.

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